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To city center: 8.6 km
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Two-bedroom apartment
9 nights
January 2022
10 Jan 2022
If the location is important, then a couple of days can be endured. If for a long time and in winter, then it is worth considering the above.

It's cold, we lived for 10 days - but we never waited until it warmed up. The cold in the bathrooms especially caused discomfort - there were no heated towel rails, which made it cold and washed things could be dried only on radiators in the rooms, but there were not enough of them. Very small towels - those that are used for the body in other places for the face are used, it is difficult to dry off. There are no consumables in the bathrooms: no soap, no shampoos, no freshener ... there was toilet paper, but even that was over towards the end, but no one tried to replace it in advance Old dishes, incomplete, one mug with an old crack

One bedroom apartment with double bed
3 nights
January 2020
25 Jan 2020
It could have been better if it hadn't been for an accident not caused by the owners

1. The first thing that meets you when you enter the apartment is the smell of sewers. Each of the 2 rooms has its own bathroom, which were made during the redevelopment of the apartment, respectively, initially they should not be there. Hence the water, which does not go well, both in the sink and in the shower, and the smell of stagnant water. True, over time you get used to the smell and do not notice it. 2. Since the apartment is intended for 4 people (2 rooms), you have to close your room from the eyes of strangers. It gets very stuffy at night, because the room is small, and the window cannot be opened, it is next to the bed. 3. A small blanket (obviously a lorry, not a double, like a bed) and it is one. 4. A TV that picks up 4-5 channels, and those are of terrible quality. 5. Tactless maid. Imagine. You are having breakfast in the kitchen in the apartment in which you are alone, and are not ready for the fact that someone else will see you now. Suddenly, the front door opens and a woman enters, who says that she has come to do the cleaning. There is an opportunity to warn about your visit: there is a phone in the room that you can call from the reception, or simply ring the door, and not open it with your key! 6. And most importantly, why the trip became terrible. The house is Stalinist, the steps in the entrance are small and with rounded edges, there is no elevator. Descending, I slipped on the top step, fell and slid to the end of the flight of stairs. The result is a compression fracture of the spine. I understand that the owner of the home is not able to influence the overhaul at the entrance (although, for example, he hung a camera there), just be extremely careful and do not repeat my mistakes.

Two-bedroom apartment
2 nights
August 2019
Solo traveler
20 Aug 2019

Of all the three WiFi options, none worked 100%, but this is nonsense, of course! And hooks in showers and bathrooms are never enough for me to hang up removed clothes and a hand towel, for example ... But I admit that this is some kind of my personal fad. Success and prosperity to you!

Two-bedroom apartment
7 nights
July 2019
Solo traveler
10 Jul 2019
One bedroom apartment with double bed
1 night
January 2019
1 Feb 2019
Described above.

Apartments must correspond exactly to the apartments!

Two-bedroom apartment
3 nights
October 2018
15 Oct 2018

The staff is often impolite, they could not find a hairdryer, then they do not allow printing materials at the reception.